Upcycled Wine Accessories from California Grapevines
Where Sustainability and One of a Kind Art go Hand in Hand
Thank you for visiting our website where you will find functional pieces of
re-purposed old growth California grapevines

Crafted by Bob Ross to celebrate the beauty of the wood while supporting 

both the environment and the sustainability of the wine making industry

With each piece you can see and feel the history of the vineyards

Each knot was once a grape producing vine that skilled vintners 
then turned into some of the finest wines in the world

Whether for yourself, store, vineyard or as a gift 
we know you will enjoy these 
one of a kind pieces of artful reclamation

Wine Corkscrews and Bottle Stoppers 
Corkscrews   $34
Bottle Stoppers   $24
Cheese Knives and Soft Cheese Spreaders
Cheese Knives   $32
Soft Cheese Spreaders   $28
  Bottle Openers and Letter Openers 
 Bottle Openers   $28
Letter Openers   $28
and Displays
prices ranging from $55 - $295
      Purchase from Gifts from the Grapevine

You know each piece is one of kind, 
you know each piece is handmade, 
has high quality finishes, 
are all from California grapevines 
from some of the most outstanding vineyards in the world 
but do you know how to get a piece for yourself?

Call me to discuss size, shape, color 
and together we will
find the perfect piece for you

Bob Ross - 503-791-0150

Email me at

Hoping to see you at the
Village Fest in beautiful 
downtown Palm Springs, Ca 
each Thursday night 
from October through May 6-10pm

Wholesale order welcome

Let me customized pieces 
for your store, clients
or as promotional gifts

wholesale prices available 
for a minimum 12 piece order 
with a resale certificate
Call now!

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